“Third Parties” Covering Treatments

Cover for any industry made in Plastisol

Plastisol deals with a coating for immersion needed for protection applications for technology or decorative using or appropriate primer, instead of coating with PVC sheet, which often cause event of detachment from metal support and rapid aging.

It is especially recommended for:

    • Hands protection against cutting surface
    • Isolate the electrical conductivity
    • Against slip
    • Protection of electric wires

Resistance to salts:

Chloride, Nitrate and Alluminium Solfate – Acetate, Chloride, Nitrate and Ammonium sulphate – Chloride and Calcium Nitrate – Nitrate and Copper Sulphate – Magnesium salts – Salts of Nickel – Zinc Salts – Potassium Bicarbonate and Sodium – Chrome and Sodium – Sodium Bisulfite and Potassium – Sodium Carbonate and Potassium – Potassium Chloride, etc.

Resistance to acid:
Acetic – Arsenic – Boric – Carbon – Hydrochloric – Chromic – Hydrofluoric – Hypochlorous – Lactic – Maleic – Malic – Nitric – Oxalic – Phosphorus – Sulfide – Sulphuric – Sulphur – Tannin – Tartaric

Grids for the veterinary industry

Levers and handles for industrial valves

Insulated cable clamps

Anodic bars supports for galvanic industry

Clamp fitting pipes of different sizes

U Bolts for pipes

GPL Pump leavers


Bike racks Coatings

Bike racks coating made for the municipality of Casalecchio (Bologna).