After a 40 years’ experience in the galvanic sector, Zini Srl uses CAD systems for design purposes, manufacturing with crafted care a wide variety of frames of different types and applications, ranging from small to big shapes.

Tilted Frames

It is used for hydraulic parts or caps. They have been studied for the treatment of specific parts with blinded holes and, generally for the solution of problems (like air balls and of training). Alimentation is autonomy with battery (modification on facility is not required).

Rotating Frame

It is different from tilted frame because it completely rotates around the axis enabling galvanization of pieces with accentuated cavity (for example glass). Some models have direct electrical contact block for a possible better conductivity on parts.

Frames with report and counter anode

Frame for processing of precious metals

Treatment of precious, rodium and Silver.

Frames for zinc plating

Frame for decorative chrome plating

Frames for thickness chrome plating

Frames for burnishing and phosphating

Frames for electrophoresis

Frames for painting

Frames for printed circuits

Frames for electro polishing

Modular frames

Frame for chemical nickel plating, not plasticized

Frame for pvd treatment