Cathode contacts

Conductors are cathode contacts formed by an inner copper mesh generally covered by rubber. Therefore, they are flexible electric conductors for electric power passage through electrolytic bath solutions. The impact strength of these cathodes is tested by reliable manufacturing processes.

Zini Srl has a forty years’ experience in the galvanization sector. The Company has been ranked among leading Italian cathode manufacturers for galvanotechnics since its incorporation. In 2000, the Company designed and patented a new type of conductor (Patent BO 2007 A738 – 6/11/07).

The cathode manufactured by Zini Srl is characterized by its higher durability compared to traditional products. It offers utmost resistance thanks to its patented original antiabrasive cover and high torque capacity.

The nickel-plated removable head conductor keepsconductor cable flexible and complete, even after several works. It is possible to save important management costs and facility maintenance expenses replacing conductor head from time to time, since cable full replacement is not required.

ZINI Srl has a wide stock of conductors in standard sizesof prompt delivery, but the Company may manufacturecustomized models and series production according to the details required by customer.

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Batacchi usati
These pictures compare 2 conductors after several hours of work. It is worth noting that the Zini product had a better performance, with less tear and wear both in its inner part and concerning cable condition in comparison with another product of a lower quality, with important savings in management costs and facility maintenance expenses.