Zini Srl has also expertise in the design and manufacturing of special plants for galvanic applications.

Aspiration plants for various applications

Suction facilities for galvanic applications fully built in plastic resistant to chemical and atmospheric agents corrosion (polypropylene, pvc, etc.) for electroplating industries, pharmaceutical, chemical, petrolchemical, textile, jewelry, water purification, aerospace, food, cosmetics.

Smoke abatement towers

Facilities for smoke disposal and “scrubber” of any size, designed for the purification of smoke containing water-soluble polluting substances.

Plants for thickness chrome plating

Plants for anodizing

Phosphating Plants

Automatic plants

Translator Wagons



Baths made in titan for chrome treatment

Baths made of PP/PVC/PVDF/PE

Baths covered of stainless steel

Baths of stainless steel

Baths for washing

Customized baths and artefacts